Helping Poor People

Helping poor people is not accomplished by satisfying their temporary needs monetarily. Providing lasting opportunities is the most powerful and effective way to help the poor.

This post aims to provide insightful ways to help poor people in your community through lasting improvements that will change their life:

Help poor people through building relationships

Impactful changes occur through cultivating a life-enhancing relationship. Before you can help the needs of a poor person you must develop an organic system of trust and support.  This starts with listening to the real needs of the poor. From there one can help people in need by giving them what they often need most:  encouragement, emotional support, and feedback.

Help the poor through exchange of services

Help poor people help themselves by providing the opportunity to better their situation.  It’s not your money donations or your volunteer services that poor people need, it’s the opportunity to do something that will change their life in the long run! One of our member’s reported an incident where a Homeless man denied spare change from a charitable giver, stating he’d rather have the opportunity to wash a car or do yard work! No one likes the feeling of being helpless. Many poor people simply want the opportunity to do something.

If an electrical appliance in your house recently broke and you know of a poor person who has technical skills—ask them to come around instead of outsourcing an electrician. What are some needs in your household that can be satisfied through exchange of services?

Give to poor people by teaching them a skill-set

Are you computer savvy? Teach a poor person computer basics! If sewing is your cup of tea, then teach a poor single mother a few seam-stressing skills. You can help the poor and make a greater impact by providing them with life-enhancing skills they can benefit from in the work field.  

Give to the poor by giving encouragement

Sometimes the greatest thing you can do to help a poor person is to uplift them through words of encouragement.  If a poor person feels trodden down and discouraged– a simple boost of fresh inspiration can perform miracles! The best way to help the poor is to help them discover their talents and abilities. Caring for the poor means caring for them emotionally. Explain to them that they’re a valuable part of the community and their talents can make a difference. Encourage poor people to get involved specifically in the projects that cater to their very needs! If a poor person is homeless then point them to local soup kitchen but show them how to volunteer and get involved! The only real changes that occur are the one’s that are built on the framework of long-term opportunity. 

Care for poor people by using your services to help service others

Think of the possible opportunities within your field of work to reach out to poor people. A great example of creative charity was when FedEX gave free resume printing for the unemployed. What are some opportunities and ways that you could encourage your employer and fellow co-workers to help people in need? 


Charity is often mistakenly associated with giving money donations. There are ways you can help the poor which are far more effective than your dollar. The best way to make an impact in the lives of the poor is to start by building organic relationships, providing opportunities, offering life-enhancing skills, and by giving a good dose of needed encouragement.


*We’d love to hear your feedback! What are some ways that you can care for poor people in your community?