People Helping People: Stories of Good Deeds

There are people helping people everyday, but it’s those surprise moments of “divine” help and goodwill when needed most that leave a lasting impact on our lives.

This post spotlights an inspiring story of goodwill and seeks to hear YOUR personal stories of people helping each other in a remarkable way.

An NPR morning special broadcasted an interesting edition: real life stories of people helping people in an unforgettable way. NPR highlighted a particular story of a single mother who received an anonymous random act of kindness her family will never forget.  After a rough divorce, Amy Scharman remembers the struggle of trying to raise thirteen children on no child support. She could hardly satisfy the needs of her family at the time, let alone a bleak and disappointing holiday that was shortly to arrive.

On the morning of Christmas Eve, however, a surprise visit from Goodwill came knocking on the back door of their home.  She recalls tears of astonishment as she looked down at ten bags full of clothes, food, and toys – the author of the good deed no where to be found.

A single mother’s memories have been forever branded by a mere random act of kindness—a good deed her family will never forget.

Ten years have since passed and to this day her family does not know who helped them during that time of great need.

“It’s that kind of generosity and act of good deed that can really make a difference”.

The story doesn’t end, however, as the story of people helping people continues to play out in the everyday lives of you and me.

We’d like to hear your true life stories and experiences of people helping people, random acts of kindness, and good deeds.

Submit your stories to and we will choose one to post as our top featured story!

Microgiving is a good place to help people.  A simple random act of kindness could be to share a cause on your social networking timeline.  Just a day on your timeline helps someone in need reach people who may be able to help.  This is something everyone reading this page can do.  It doesn’t cost anything but it can help in a big way.  Why not start now?  Click Here!

Another good way to help is to create a fundraiser for a person, family or organization that you know could use some funding. Do you want to make a difference in your community?  Would you like to help someone you know that just lost their job and is having trouble keeping the bills paid while looking for work?  How about a friend or loved one that is uninsured and trying to cover medical expenses out of pocket or worse, not able to get treatment or medications due to a lack of funds?  It’s really easy.  Just visit the registration page to get started.

Finally you can help others by leaving positive comments on their fundraising page.  Just knowing that someone in on their side, someone cares, goes a big way.  Why not stop by one of our fundraisers right now and let people know you support them

As for further discussion here:

  1. Can you think of people in need in your community right now that could use a helping hand?
  2. What are some random acts of kindness you could do to help someone today?