Micro Philanthropy

Micro Philanthropy & the Magnitude of the Micro Philanthropist

Just what is micro philanthropy?

Micro philanthropy is a form of philanthropy that uses the power of “micro” donations to enable anyone to give any amount within his means—directly to someone in need. The power of micro donations comes into play when millions (dare we hope?) all join together and give a little:

$1  x  1,000,000 (you’s & me’s)  = $1,000,000

But what is the difference between micro-donations versus one large donation? Which is better? Isn’t the end impact both the same? Both cases impact the lives of people in need. However, micro philanthropy is changing the entire face of philanthropy in ways that people have yet to even realize.  The profundity of micro giving is extraordinary and the differences are worth consideration:

Micro-philanthropy is for ALL social & economic backgrounds

The beauty of micro philanthropy is that one need not be wealthy to give and help someone in need. Anyone, regardless of financial circumstance, can experience the sensation and transformation of philanthropy. A single dollar donation is a single statement that speaks loudly of where your hearts at.

Micro philanthropy is more personal and intimate

The cool thing about Microgiving.com is that our site is a philanthropic platform allowing you to give directly to an individual in need—right to the heart of the cause. Traditional philanthropic donations are passed through a “middle-man”, or a charity organization that allocates your donations where they see fit. Micro philanthropy cuts out that middle man and allows you to develop a special relationship with the individual you help. Micro giving is breaking down those impersonal walls and cultivating organic relationships that traditional philanthropy will never achieve.

Micro philanthropy changes your perspective

Consider your $1 donation which went to the purchase of medicine– saving the life of a dying girl in Cambodia. Suddenly one’s perspective changes as now the value of a discarded soda can translates into the difference between life and death for a child in a third world country.

Micro-philanthropy stimulates a collective energy

Micro philanthropy generates something that a single large sum donation could never possibly accomplish.  The aggregated total of a multitude of $1 donations creates a philanthropic energy around the act of giving that is unmatched against the single donation of one million dollars. In fact, no single monetary amount of money will ever compare to the charitable energy that comes from a multitude of micro givers. MicroGiving is a place that aims to harness the energy that amasses when a body of people come together to give.  In sum, worldwide change can in fact be made by people like you through the power of micro donations.


So how does the network effect impact us as a group whole; does collective philanthropic action influence us?  Do we feel more inspired when we join together to make change? Is compassion contagious? If so, we must consider…

What then is the true value of micro philanthropy?

Could it quite possibly be worth more than one large single philanthropic donation..?

Please share your thoughts with us. We’d love to hear your feedback on this topic…