Ellen DeGeneres Donates Time and Charitable Resources to a Variety of Causes

Pets, children, feeding America, and The Cure, are just a few of the causes Ellen DeGeneres’ charitable resources support.  In October, Ellen worked with Aéropostale, Inc. to kick off their first 1 Warm Kid campaign.  For every coat donated to the campaign, Aéropostale matched with a brand new coat.  To help raise awareness for the campaign, several celebrities, including Ellen, provided signed coats that could be won by campaign donors.  The campaign collected over 14,000 coats from over 80 participating schools.

The Gentle Barn; Ellen’s Current Favorite Cause for Charitable Resources

Ellen’s current favorite cause for charitable resources appears to be The Gentle Barn (TGB).  TGB mission is the rescue and rehabilitation of farm animals; for instance a dairy farm facing closure had 60 malnourished cows that need rescue and rehabilitation.  Ellen and her life partner, Portia, adopted one of the cows.
Working with Ben Affleck, and determined to end hunger in America, Ellen recently kicked-off the Small Change Campaign.  This innovative campaign allows individuals to donate their spare change through Coinstar machines to America’s Second Harvest.  However, Ellen is focused on emotional needs as well as basic hunger, so she also supports anti-bullying organizations.  These organizations are geared largely to improve the daily lives of teen agers.
Microgiving applauds Ellen’s donation of time and charitable resources to so many causes.  Like Ellen, Microgiving works to meet the needs of many people at one time; if you would like to work with Microgiving as a donor – or you might benefit from crowdfunding – please visit our website.

The Ellen DeGeneres charity extends beyond formal organizations. When she learns of deserving and caring individuals helping someone out, she rewards them for their efforts.  She is a strong advocate for the fair treatment of people. She is actively involved in supporting orphans, disadvantaged children, gay and lesbian rights, women’s rights, abuse victims and those suffering from AIDS and HIV.

We can all learn a little from DeGeneres about giving. Find causes that you’re passionate about – causes you believe in. Speak up, help out and donate or create your own page to help a cause you are care about.  Visit Microgiving.com Today!