Tyler Perry: TV and Movie Mogul Committed to Donating to Charity Organizations

Tyler Perry is not only a media mogul – he is also a charitable giver who often donates to various charity organizations. He may be best known for the creation and delivery of the Madea movies or the television sitcom House of Payne. Despite what he is remembered for, his media efforts have grossed over $400 million dollars.  With his successes, Tyler Perry has already started to give back to the community.

Perry’s Donations to Charity Organizations Cover a Range of Issues

In 2009, Mr. Perry personally paid for 65 inner-city youths from Pennsylvania to visit Disneyworld.  This act of philanthropy occurred as a result of the youth group being rejected for summer membership from a private summer swim club.  The swim club denied that the rejection was racially biased; regardless, Mr. Perry wanted the children to know that someone cared.  Tyler was also part of a 2009 coalition that came together to provide Atlanta with the funds to acquire a set of Martin Luther King, Jr’s working papers for $32 million dollars.

After the earthquake in Haiti, Mr. Perry followed John Mayer’s lead and donated $1 million dollars for Haitian Relief. As a result of Katrina, he provided funding to help people build 20 homes for Katrina survivors in a new neighborhood designated as “Perry Place”.  Last year, he donated $1 million dollars to the NAACP in celebration of its 100th anniversary; this was the largest single donation from a private individual to a civil rights organization.  This year, he has provided support to Covenant House in Atlanta by donating $110,000 to the agency, whilst also donating a new 15-passenger van.

Microgiving salutes Mr. Perry and his many acts of giving to charity organizations.  Like Mr. Perry, Microgiving wants those in need to know that someone cares.   Tyler Perry came from poverty and was homeless.  If you are interested in helping in those areas please visit our Loss of Income and Loss of Housing categories and let someone know you care.  If you are interested in causes related to Civil Rights or other social causes you can visit our Community section.

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