Carrie Underwood Supports Disaster Relief Organizations

Disaster relief organizations are receiving support from 2009 Academy of Country Music (ACM) Entertainer of the Year, Carrie Underwood. One of her recent acts of philanthropy involves helping to establish the ACM Lifting Lives Temporary Home Fund last year. The Fund specifically benefits victims of the Tennessee floods of early 2010 and it was kicked off with grants that Ms. Underwood received from ACM as Entertainer of the Year. Carrie also encouraged fans to become actively involved with online donation, no matter how small the pledge. She also teamed up with Brooks and Dunn to support the new Fund by recording a Public Service Announcement (PSA). This in turn encouraged viewers of the ACM final tour, The Last Rodeo, to text in one-time $10 donations.

Underwood’s Philanthropy Goes Beyond Disaster Relief Organizations

Ms. Underwood actually used her ACM Lifting Lives connection when she established her own charity known as the C.A.T.S. Foundation (Checotah Animal, Town and School), an organization dedicated to working with other not-for-profit organizations and improving services in Carrie’s hometown of Checotah, Oklahoma. C.A.T.S. came together with the ACM organization to provide Checotah’s public school system with musical instruments worth over $117,000. When not involved in disaster relief and the arts, Carrie has also raised awareness for Susan G Komen’s Race for the Cure, as well as organizations dedicated to caring for animals, such as the Humane Society and PETA. Ms. Underwood worked with Pedigree dog food to establish an animal shelter in her home town.

Microgiving applauds Ms. Underwood’s efforts to support various organizations and, more importantly, for creating her own foundation. Like Ms. Underwood and her Foundation, Microgiving works to help other disaster relief organizations as well as individuals requiring emergency financial assistance.