Most Profitable Fundraisers

High-end profits are the main purpose of holding fundraisers as they are the most effective way to raise money and garner support for any community organization, school, charity or church group.  Fundraisers fall into one of four categories: non-profit/charity, school, sports and church/community.

Non-Profit/Charity Fundraisers

Non-Profit/ charity organizations are by far the most diverse group.  Non-profit/charity groups may range from animal rescue to children’s programs to community clean up and beyond.  Therefore, the choices for this type of fundraiser must also be diverse.  Potential fundraisers may include selling candy or magazines, selling advertising in a specific publication, offering community discount cards or benefit concerts.

School Fundraisers

School fundraisers are the biggest part of the fundraising industry.  The issue raised by school fundraisers is that the ages of the participating children tend to vary widely; therefore, the fundraiser must be organized in such as way that all of them can participate.

Sports Fundraisers

Sports fundraisers are held for many different reasons, including raising money to cover  uniforms, expenses of buying programs, maintaining a sports field or sending the team to away games.

Church Group/Community Fundraisers

When it comes to meeting operational expenses, churches are often forced to depend on fundraisers.  Communities often face many of the same challenges as churches when no public funds are available.  Both groups may have difficulty with repeat fundraisers, which is why creativity is so important.