Ellen DeGeneres: Equal Parts Comedian and Humanitarian



Ellen DeGeneres is famous for her talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Aside from her tenure as the queen of daytime television, DeGeneres has also starred in television series, movies and written four books. Her talk show has earned 35 Daytime Emmy Awards, and the comedian has received many other accolades as well. She has been named one of the 100 Most Powerful Women by Forbes, TIME magazine’s 100 Most Influential People, and is listed in the top 50 Most Powerful Entertainers by Entertainment Weekly. For many people, however, DeGeneres’ greatest contributions are not in entertainment, but in her humanitarian efforts, of which there are many.

 Ellen DeGeneres’ Humanitarian Efforts


Ellen DeGeneres is a strong advocate for the fair treatment of people. She is actively involved in supporting orphans, disadvantaged children, gay and lesbian rights, women’s rights, abuse victims and those suffering from AIDS and HIV. She has worked diligently to bring awareness to the serious issue of bullying by creating an anti-bullying PSA called “Be Kind” and raising money for organizations dedicated to anti-bullying efforts, such as the Trevor Project and Pacer Center. Ellen DeGeneres’ donations of millions to the cause of breast cancer awareness have made women all of the country and the world more aware of the disease and its affects. She has served as the representative for Pink for the Cure. A New Orleans native, Ellen DeGeneres’ fundraising efforts have raised and donated millions of dollars to the residents of her hometown, helping many victims of Hurricane Katrina.

A Powerful Advocate for Animals



 A large portion of the work done by the Ellen DeGeneres foundations goes toward helping animals. In 2009, she was named Woman of the Year by PETA. DeGeneres is also co-owner of a holistic pet care products company called Halo, Purely for Pets. The Halo Pet Foundation, a charitable offshoot of the pet products company, is one of her pet causes. The organization’s goals are to help pets in need, eliminate animal abuse and promote responsible pet ownership, specifically through spaying and neutering efforts to reduce the overpopulation of companion animals. She is also active in helping and promoting The Gentle Barn, an organization that provides care to animals that have been abused and helps at-risk youth. To do your part to help animals, head over to the veterinary care fundraising section on Microgiving.com.

 Helping Deserving Individuals


The Ellen DeGeneres charity extends beyond formal organizations. When she learns of deserving and caring individuals helping someone out, she rewards them for their efforts. Recently, for example, a waitress and single mom paid for the dinners of two National Guard servicewomen who dined in the restaurant where she worked. Touched, the women posted about the act of kindness on Facebook, and it eventually made its rounds to the Ellen show. DeGeneres repaid the money the waitress spent, and threw a $10,000 check in for good measure.

Ellen DeGeneres Rewards Sarah Hoidahl $10,000 For Picking Up Military Members' Tab


We can all learn a little from DeGeneres about giving. Find causes that you’re passionate about – causes you believe in. Speak up, help out and donate or create your own charity on Microgiving.com.