Brad Pitt Charity Work: One of Hollywood’s Most Charitable Stars

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Brad Pitt may be one of the most talented and attractive men on the planet, but he hasn’t let success go to his head. In fact, with the millions he rakes in every year, a large sum of the money goes toward his many charitable causes, including several organizations that he founded himself. If you need inspiration for giving, look no further than Pitt’s fine example and the many worthy causes here on

Make It Right

The Brad Pitt foundation “Make It Right” was established in 2007 by Brad Pitt to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina who lost their homes. Now, the Make It Right foundation helps build homes, communities and buildings all across the country. Interestingly enough, Pitt has long had an interest in architecture and eco-friendly products, so this foundation was the perfect combination for the social activist and star. To date, 100 homes have been completed.

Not On Our Watch

The Not On Our Watch organization sheds light on cases of genocide and other atrocities throughout the world, particularly in Darfur. Brad Pitt, along with several other stars, founded the organization. Not On Our Watch provides humanitarian aid, protection and awareness in areas where the government often fails to protect its people.


Jolie-Pitt Foundation

Along with his wife Angelina Jolie, Pitt helps fund the Jolie-Pitt Foundation. This charity is dedicated to helping impoverished people, conserving wildlife and protecting natural resources. The pair has donated to Doctors without Borders and Global Action for Children to provide medical care in impoverished and war-torn countries. Pitt and Jolie have also funded the MJP Millennium project, a large conservation area and community in Cambodia where the organization built schools roads and provides jobs.*

Support of Africa

Both Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s charity efforts often focus on Africa. They have adopted a daughter from Ethiopia, and one of their biological children was born in an African country. Pitt has made donations to the African Children’s Choir, the Alliance for the Lost Boys of Sudan, Ante Up for Africa, Not On Our Watch and several other organizations that benefit the poor and unprotected people of Africa.

Support of Children

Clearly, helping children is a priority for Brad Pitt’s donations as well. In addition to the African Children’s Choir, he has contributed to the Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of Canada, Child Find Ontario, Cure Autism Now, Global Action for Children, Right to Play, and many others.

You don’t have to be an award-winning, globally recognized movie star to change the world. It starts with lending a helping hand when you can, no matter how big or small your efforts are. If you’d like to follow Brad Pitt’s example and start your own fundraiser, sign up for an account and create a fundraising goal!