What if this happened to your parent?

Moderate Living For The Aging, discovered that in late January 2013 the Tillery Chase Adult Care Home in Mt. Gilead N.C. was shut down and the elderly residents were left there and given 48 hours to get out! The owners just left. They went in the middle of the night and took computers and televisions and anything they could pawn and simply abandoned the facility and all the residents within.


M.L.F.T.A has decided to re-open this facility and renovate it. We want to bring back to this town the love that the elderly need. M.L.F.T.A need your help!!

This facility is located in a small town named Mt. Gilead, NC. It is a quiet and peaceful town where you would feel comfortable with your loved ones living there. This community needs this facility, not only does it help our elderly but it, also bring jobs to the community.

The funds will be used for the cost and renovation of the facility. You can also visit the website mlfta.org