Show Support for Firefighters in California and Oregon

We are raising funds for the firefighters that are risking their lives in fighting the California Rocky Fire of 2015.

Over 10,000 firefighters from 31 states, have come together to put out the California ROCKY FIRE of 2015. These fires have been burning for weeks and have rampaged across almost 105 square miles. Gov. Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency to help gather additional firefighting resources. These firefighters are risking their lives everyday using engines, air tankers and helicopters to battle the fire. Wildfires are costly and expensive to fight.

In the wake of a fire or disaster, people are injured, homes and families are destroyed and lives are changed forever. The firefighters know first hand the pain and suffering that can be caused in an instant. All donations will be given directly to fire stations in their operating districts.

The California ROCKY FIRE of 2015 has affected thousands of lives by having to evacuate from their homes. There are more than 13,000 northern Californians that have been told to evacuate. This is the worst fire in California, so far, this year with more than 70,000 acres being burned. Firefighters in Northern California spent a lot of time putting out hot spots along a scenic highway and dropping water from helicopters deep inside one of the raging wildfires. A state of emergency has been declared.

Let’s show support for the firefighters that have been working so hard under dangerous conditions and thank them for all of their hard work they have done to save people’s lives and put out the fire in California.

Please help us put out the fire and reward our firefighters by giving today.

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