My Teen Fit Alliance USA


Could you imagine giving up your career? Something you have probably spent most of your life building up. Susan Mandell did and her efforts were not done in vain. Mandell decided to create My TeenFit Alliance USA which works to continuously provide rewards and incentives for children that work out in room 101. Pease help Susan [Read More]

What is a contribution?

Generally when you ask what is a contribution, one replies with the answer that it is a donation. There is a great reason the term donation comes to mind and that is because in most cases those who setup fundraisers look to raise money for their causes and others donate or contribute funds to help [Read More]

Crowdfunding Platform

If you have been in hibirnation and haven’t seen the latest news of the elderly women, who was a bus monitor, being bullied by 4 middle school boys now is the time to become aware of what is really happening. You can see full story by clicking link below. A toronto man saw this [Read More]

Raising money to attend University of Delaware

Dear viewer, First off, thank you for taking the time to check out my fundraiser. My goal is to raise enough money as possible to fund the next two years of my college education at the University of Delaware. I just recently finished my second year, and am going off into my junior year this [Read More]

Uniform and Equipment Fundraiser

Our goal as a non-profit organization is to continue to provide our children with the skills and oppourtunities they need to mature as young football players and cheerleaders. The  2010/2011 seasons were all about rebuilding our organization for the children of our community and we need your help for 2012. The task of securing sponsors [Read More]