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The personal philosophy I strive for is: what can I do to be better; what can I do to make life better for others? I am a working class female who was adopted and trying to finance educational expenses to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Game Design and a Bachelor of Science for Serious Game Simulation from University of Advancing Technology (UAT). On a part-time basis, I take online classes for a Bachelor of Science in Technical Communications through Northeastern University's (NEU) College of Professional Studies.

Once the Bachelors are completed I may eventually explore options for graduate programs for a Master's degree in Instructional Learning Technologies. Funds raised through MicroGiving will help to lessen the personal financial burden especially since I continue an ongoing struggle with obtaining a custom-fit manual wheelchair which is needed to continue with academic endeavors.

Again, thank you for the honor and opportunity to contribute to help others such as myself further develop capabilities for a brighter future.

Fundraiser Rewards

$5 - Thank You Letter:

$1,000 - Unique Thank You Package: This package will have a thank you letter and a sample of my work, a profile overview, and a unique gift using any combination of my arts/craft/photography skills, my use of the English language and expression such as in the form of a poem or literature, or demonstrating my computer skills and related proficiencies.

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