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Update:  Balue had his surgery today 4/24/13!!  I'll be removing this page soon but wanted to update everyone who may be watching his cause.  I cannot thank everyone who made an effort to help save his life enough.  I am so grateful and Balue sends you big kisses!


Balue is one of the kindest and most loving dogs you will ever meet, he's been diagnosed with cancer and surgery can save him. 

Balue is a 5 year old Siberian Husky/Labrador Retriever mix dog with the prettiest blue eyes that just melt your heart.  He's always been a very gentle and kind soul since he was a little pup.  He loves people, especially small children, and is very kind to other animals.  He's been a wonderful companion and protector who has proven himself on more than one occasion to be a natural guard dog.

He was diagnosed with Mast Cell Tumors cancer, which is a very aggressive form of cancer in dogs and can end their lives if it spreads.  His vet has recommended a surgery that will save his life, but it must be done soon before the cancer spreads into his major organs.

A YouTube slideshow of pictures of Balue:

All donations will go towards the cost of his surgery and recovery.  Any left-over funds will go to a local animal rescue.

Balue always loves everyone he meets and makes them happy; please give him the chance to continue to spread his joy and love.

I am asking for everyone's assistance because I live on a single person’s modest income.  I have no way of coming up with all of the funds in time without help from generous people like you.

Every dollar and cent counts. If you can only donate a dollar it will be a life saving dollar.  If you can only share his story, pray or send your thoughts, that is appreciated so much as well!  Thank you so much!!!

***I can be contacted for more information at***


I know some of the people who actively have been sharing and boosting this fundraiser are keeping watch on our donation progress, I will list cash donations given directly to me as well.

Cash Donations to Date:

3/28 - $5

3/28 - $20

3/29 - $20

3/29 - $140

3/31 - $55 (laptop sale)

4/2 - $40

4/3 - $20 (roosters sale)

4/4 - $50

4/4 - $50 (wash basin sale)

4/4/ - $25 (bike sale)

4/5 - $150 (self)

4/5 - $20

4/5 - $200

4/6 - $250

Total Cash: $1045

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