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UPDATE January 27 2015  

I have nearly enough for my new successor dog!  

I wish to thank people in my local area for helping out.

I only need a little more and we can make this happen!!‚Äč

I know some of you may have questions about what will happen to Dutch? Well let me tell you of his plans. The profile picture is of Dutch and his half sister Miss Winter (in the back). He intends to live out his golden years in his puppy hood home with the family that raised him and with his half sister. He will play an important role as a therapy and demo dog where he will visit with people and brighten their days.  He says he looks forward to weekends when I will visit and he especially looks forward to going camping with me and my new dog. We will always have a special bond for each other.


Let me introduce myself. My name is Connie. I am 57 years old. I have several physical disabilities. My service dog Dutch Maxwell  has just turned 10 years old this past Nov.. He also has several medical problems. Due to this, I decided to retire him. I am in need of a successor dog. In order to live independently I need the dog to help me with my balance, hearing and every day living tasks. Without one I will have to go into a nursing home. Dutch has kept me out of living in a nursing home for the past 10 years. I am hoping to continue with living independently for as long as possible. Please help in any way that you can. Thank you very much.

I originally got him for balance after several mini strokes. Now over the course of nine years he has learned to to warn me of seizures, when my vertigo is going to act up. He opens doors, picks up things that I drop. I have taught him to alert me to different sounds that I have trouble hearing. He can get me a can of soda or ice tea out of the refrigerator. Also when my vertigo acts up he can take off my shoe and socks. He has also taught himself to pick up my braces and cane and bring them to me. He also brings his toys to me, but will not put them away when I ask him to. Now on the lighter side and funny, he loves to go to stores and do what I call his 5 finger discount. By this I mean if I say no he can not have something and he wants it, he takes it and carries it with him till I notice he has it and has it sloppy wet that I need to buy it for him. He helps me when I'm depressed. He also helps me with my anxiety. When we are in a crowd and he sees that I am getting a anxious he pulls me away and gives me the excuse that he needs to go out to go potty. I think these are the highlights of what he does. I call him my Heinz 57 service dog, because over the years we have taught each other more then he was taught to do in the beginning. Oh, one very important thing is that he taught me to trust and love again.I forgot one of the most important thing.He has given me a reason to continue with life no matter what I face. If it wasn't for him I would stay in bed or in my apartment and not live my life. He accepts me for what ever I can not do and doesn't judge me for what I can not do. He has also brought happiness not just to me but to those people he comes in contact with.

Any amount over what is needed will be kept in a fund for the service dog's vet bills that may accrue.

If you would like to see other pictures of what a service dog and I do together please go to Facebook and search for me and you can view other pictures.

Thank you once again.

Fundraiser Rewards

$0 - A hand written note: Please send me an e-mail when you donate. On the subject line put DONATION. Then in the message ares leave me your address or e-mail address so I can give you a reward as I state in the next paragraph. Thank you. I will write you a personal handwritten note. At the time I receive my successor dog I will also send you a picture of the two of us.

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