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What to do in an accident on a rented car
Renting a car makes it possible to comfortably move around the city streets, but, unfortunately, sometimes vehicles get into accidents. Most drivers imagine what to do if this happened to their car, but a rented car is a completely different matter, in such a situation even the most cold-blooded person can get confused.

First of all, you need to keep calm, because in the bustle it is easy to miss some important point, which in the end can lead to extra costs. In fact, an accident involving a rented car is not a hopeless situation, because such vehicles are insured under CTP and CASCO. Car rental owners usually try to play it safe and eliminate possible risks, having received a guarantee that their property is protected as much as possible.

Having calmed down, it is necessary to make several calls to the representative of the distributor, the insurance company and the traffic police, unless another sequence of actions is indicated in the contract signed with the landlord. Employees of the insurance organization and the rental company must list all the damage resulting from the accident. They must also be indicated in the certificate, which is drawn up together with the traffic police inspectors. Any damage that was not indicated is not compensated by the insurance company, therefore, all expenses will be borne by the tenant.

Can a landlord demand money for a car in an accident? Since the entire fleet of vehicles is insured, the driver who correctly registered the accident should not be liable for money, an exception may be a forfeit or a fine, but this is usually a symbolic amount that is withdrawn from the previously left pledge.

The company has the right to demand money from the client for scratches and dents that are not marked in the traffic police certificate, since the insurance company will not pay for their removal. Therefore, we remind you once again: it is in your interests to carefully inspect the vehicle, without missing any possible damage.

When is insurance not valid?

If the tenant was driving a car while in a state of drug or alcohol intoxication, all responsibility for the accident rests with him. In such a situation, the insurance company will refuse to pay compensation, and the tenant will be forced to demand from his client an amount that will cover all expenses. online casino Malaysia



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