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What are Japanese curtains and how to use them
In the classic interior, it is unlikely to meet Japanese curtains, but for the minimalism style, they fit just fine. These are products with which it is possible to arrange a room for ascetic lovers - it does not tolerate overload with details and the use of non-functional elements. What is worth knowing about Japanese curtains? The following describes what qualities they have.

What are Japanese curtains?

The main component of the Japanese curtains is light fabric. It can be a fabric of different types, but ordinary tulle is usually applied. Also, the design assumes the presence of a cornice, on which the fabric is stretched, forming a screen.

The cornice is made in several layers. In its lower part there is a weighting agent, which ensures uniform movement of the entire curtain. Curtains can be made in one screen or in two separate. In the first case, the only canvas moves along the eaves, in the second - two independent paintings move away from the center.

The main functions of Japanese curtains

We can say that Japanese curtains are a kind of vertical blinds. But they have their own specific differences. Japanese curtains cannot rotate along the axis, like lamellas in the case of blinds. Their width is greater, they are much stronger and tougher. It was indicated above that such curtains are multilayer, although single-layer variants are also found.

Due to this, the owner himself can choose which sample is more suitable for a particular interior. But in the case of multi-layer Japanese curtains, each layer can be made of a separate fabric. Thus, there are a lot of options for combinations. For any room you can choose the most suitable type.

How to install Japanese curtains

In the first place, the guides themselves, that is, the cornices, are fixed. Depending on the number of layers, a different number of guides is also installed. There are usually up to five. Screens to the cornice are attached to a special adhesive tape, which allows you to literally change the fabric used at any time, if necessary. To mask the cornice, special decorative trims, hoods, lambrequins are produced. They allow you to make the entire structure as a whole as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Of course, not every owner will immediately get used to the specifics of Japanese curtains. But, if you understand how to use them best, soon the owner will understand how practical and functional this product is. The site has a lot of sex chats with beauties who will be happy to chat with You and fulfill any desire! Russian Russian free Porn online for communication girls masturbating on camera Russian sex roulette look sexy chat enjoy watching the cameras of couples and transsexuals for free. Page sex chat girls for those who like to watch the games girls, watch girls caress themselves in front of the cameras for free chat for free!



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