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How a tablet can be dangerous spell for your children
While six years ago only 30% of children had access to their parents’ tablets, today this number has increased to 87%. It is understandable. Many parents consider tablets a great way to keep children occupied and even help them learn. In some families tablets are used to babysit children.

At the same time, many people forget that tablets can be dangerous for children. No, they are no death magic spells, but certain dangers are still lurking. That is what we are going to talk about today. Every parent wants their child to succeed in life but tablets are not going to help it. Moreover, if you let your child use a tablet at an early age, he or she will likely develop nasty attitudes and possibly display aggression and disobedience.

To begin with, many things in the body, no matter whether it is that of a grown person or a child, are controlled by hormones. Using a tablet for only 30 minutes leads to a significant decrease in melatonin production causing:

- Headache;
- Irritation;
- Fatigue;
- Nervousness;
- Death spell;
- Trouble focusing;
- Sleep disorders.

So if you let your child use your tablet today, do not be surprised when tomorrow you will see him or her being overly emotional, having mood swings, and showing signs of death spell. Your child is sure to be tired and depressed. After only 30 minutes of using a tablet your child will find it more difficult to concentrate and learn what is being taught. If you let your child use a tablet every day, you will end up having an always moody and disobedient child with learning problems. If children are allowed to use a tablet any time they want, they can end up lagging far behind their peers.

Prohibiting your child from using a tablet is not a way out though. Children need to know how to use gadgets because technology has become an integral part of our life. So if your children want to play with your tablet, let them do it before lunch and then make sure they get enough exercise and play outside. Note that the time your child spends outside after using a tablet should be at least twice as much as the time the child spent with the tablet.

This rule has to be observed at all times. Adults who were not active as children have more health issues than those who got enough exercise and spent enough time playing outdoors. Such health issues include obesity, underdeveloped muscles and joints, and low elasticity of blood vessels. This impacts children’s health almost like a death magic spell. Since you wish the best to your children, make sure they get enough exercise and outdoor activity.

Tablets are especially dangerous for children if they are still teething. Their gums feel itchy and they use everything they can for itch relief. They can bite random objects, including your tablet which screen can crack. Pieces of a cracked tablet screen swallowed accidentally by a child can be a serious health risk.

To prevent it from happening and never have to assume someone has put black spells on your baby, take care of your child’s safety in advance. Never leave your child unattended when he or she is playing with your tablet and make sure the child do not try to bite the device. Also you can apply special protective film to the screen to prevent it from breaking into pieces which can be swallowed by the child.
Now let us discuss the impact of a tablet on the child’s eyesight and hearing. A tablet is bad for the child’s eyes if:

- Its screen is too bright;
- Images change too fast***;
- The child holds the tablet too close to the eyes;
- The child watches videos at a wrong angle.

*** - It also affects the child’s psyche and can cause epilepsy.
To protect your child’s eyes and avoid eyesight problems which are as unpleasant as spells death, set up a place where your child can use the tablet. Put the tablet on a support stand ensuing the right viewing angle and safe viewing distance. Get a good seat for your child’s heathy back.

A tablet can affect a child’s hearing if the volume is too high or if the child uses earphones or headphones. High volume coupled with earphones or headphones can cause damage death spell to hearing nerves and eardrums and lead to dullness of hearing and even deafness.

Never forget that your tablet is also an electrical device. So never use extension cables and do not let your child touch the tablet while it is charging death spells. Children should be allowed to play with a tablet only when it is unplugged. With these and other safety tips, you can be sure the tablet is safe for your children.



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