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Daily skin care
If you properly care for your skin, you can preserve the beauty of the skin for many years. Beauticians say that the sooner you begin to care for your skin, the longer you can maintain its youth. At the same time, daily skin care should be carried out, guided by several simple rules.

External is a reflection of internal

It is known that the skin loses its attractiveness due to improper lifestyle, leading to poor health. The basis of health is a sound, restful sleep. You need to sleep 7-8 hours a day.

It is also necessary to eat right. Greasy, spicy, fried foods leave a negative imprint on the skin. The diet should be balanced and include foods containing absolutely all vitamins and minerals. Due to the fact that in the process of cooking products lose most of their useful nutrients, it is necessary to regularly take complex vitamins.

On the exterior, stressful situations are also reflected. Fighting with a bad mood will help sports, water procedures, regular good rest.

And now we offer to talk directly about cosmetic procedures that must be performed daily.

Morning Daily Skin Care

The main tasks that need to be solved by caring for the skin of the face are cleaning, protection, moisturizing and nourishing the skin.

Washing and moisturizing

First of all, it is necessary to wash the skin. Hot water is not suitable for this. It activates the aging process in the skin. Therefore, you need to wash only with cool water. But it is even better to use special products for this purpose: cleansing milk or gel. Using a terry towel or sponge, you can also exfoliate the dead cells of the epidermis. In addition, such massage of the skin will improve the blood circulation in it, which activates the nutrition of the cells.

Cosmetologists recommend washing skin prone to irritation with a decoction of calendula or chamomile. To wash problem skin, a decoction of oak bark or a string is perfect. Lavender broth, which has a softening and regenerating effect, kills microbes, is perfect for washing all types of skin.

An excellent alternative to washing can be the morning rubbing your face with an ice cube from a infusion of chamomile or parsley.


Immediately after washing, apply a tonic on your face. This cosmetic product normalizes the acid-base balance of the skin, which creates an effective protective barrier that counteracts negative external factors. In addition, tonic agents facilitate the penetration of day cream into the skin structure.


This problem is solved by a nourishing cream, which must be selected in accordance with your skin type. The cream should be applied with patting movements, but in no case rub it on the face, stretching the skin. Patting your face with your fingertips, you relax the skin, massage it. A couple of minutes after application, remove excess cream with a tissue.

Evening Daily Skin Care

Evening skin care should be performed no later than 22.00. In the evening, the skin needs cleansing and nourishment. The principles of both processes are no different from morning care. First you need to cleanse your face from makeup, and then apply a nourishing night cream to your skin.

Extra skin care

In addition to basic daily procedures, the skin needs additional care, which is performed not daily, but regularly. So, cosmetologists recommend peeling with scrubs once a week. They cleanse and tone the skin, activate recovery processes in it. You should also regularly use moisturizing and nourishing masks.

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