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Euro Truck Simulator 2: Kizi Overview

Today we can confidently say that the genre of real hardcore simulations is undergoing a rebirth. Now they often become noticeable even to those who are used to tirelessly admire the bloody shooters or atmospheric roles. Of course, nobody predicts billions of sales to virtual train drivers or urban planners, but with the advent of new available technologies, the successes of the most striking projects in the sparsely populated genre are heard more and more often. Today we’ll talk about the latest trucker simulator Euro Truck Simulator 2 from the Czech studio SCS Software . This is the ideological successor to the once-world-famous domestic bestseller “Truckers 2”, which was released back in 2001 by the harsh Novosibirsk developers fromSoftLab-NSK .

Its birth was preceded by twelve experiments of Czechs with games on the topic of long-distance transportation over the past ten years. And if the players considered the Russian bandits, off-road and “cops” to be a fascinating feature of a real long-range simulator, then in the old Hard Truck and 18 Wheels of Steel series , SCS Softwareforever something like this was missing. Monotonous landscapes, slurred AI, outdated graphics, the lack of a plausible physical model and many other flaws constantly wandered from one project to another with minimal changes and adjustments. Play online games in the best games of kizi. Online games in the best kizi on this site. The developers saw the only way out of the situation - to radically improve their own Prism3D graphics engine, on which not only the above-mentioned simulators were based, but also many other developments, including from third-party companies.

First Euro Truck Simulatorappeared in the year 2008. A small distribution that took up only half a gigabyte alarmed the modern player. The Prism3D graphics engine uses unique algorithms for modeling the surrounding world, which do not require too many resources. Using these innovations in the game, you can dynamically change, for example, roads, creating the illusion of repairing them or connecting different types of asphalt. Thanks to this structure, developers were able to use visually different interchanges in different cities without unnecessary load on the video card. It is enough to draw only a dozen textures to get hundreds of types of surfaces in the game. In Euro Truck Simulator as compared to the series 18 Wheels of Steel the fleet was improved, support for the TrackIR head turning sensor and all modern game controllers, including a manual gearbox for trucks, appeared.

The first Euro Truck Simulator , like its predecessors, was chased by incurable shortcomings: the lack of sane AI for traffic, the uniformity of small cities, a weak physical model and the lack of a developed economic system. Along with this, the game offered to sit at the wheel of only one of the four tractors presented. After SoftLab-NSK in 2009 trampled the future of the famous line of simulators “Truckers” with the release of the failed third part, the assortment of modern projects on this subject remained, to put it mildly, not rich - 18 Wheels of Steel: Extreme Trucker with lack of freedom of movement and far from perfection Euro Truck Simulator . Released in subsequent yearsGerman Truck Simulator , Austrian Truck Simulator and UK Truck Simulator were weak, and in general they were calculated only for a local audience. The situation hinted at the death of the genre and forgetfulness of the ambitions of the good old "Truckers 2" .

The course of events was changed by the unexpected appearance of a wealthy sponsor at SCS Software . The Czech craftsmen managed to dig up the old Prism3D engine with the money they received, make it a complete “capital” with running in the improved 18 Wheels of Steel: Extreme Trucker 2 , and then in the training simulator Trucks & Trailers and its successor Scania Truck Driving Simulator. By the way, the latter was a success - the player is invited to master all the difficulties of driving Scania tractors in the most extreme conditions. From this moment, Prism3D physics takes into account hundreds of parameters, including the weight of the load, features of the road surface, makes dozens of dynamic calculations only when fitting the tractor into a turn, and so on. It became clear - the Euro Truck Simulator 2 planned for 2012 will at least attract the attention of fans of the genre.

In fact, having rich experience in communicating with simulators, I have not yet encountered such a painstaking approach to creating the world around us, demonstrated this time by SCS Software designers . Perhaps back in Train Simulator 2013 from a small studioRailSimulator.com landscapes could somehow please the eye. However, in Euro Truck Simulator 2, the player is allowed to not only enjoy the variety of territories surrounding the highway, but also actually visit the cities represented with unique architectural monuments, known in real life as bridges, rivers, high-rises and so on. Alas, it is forbidden to roll on multi-ton trucks along the streets in European cities, which the developers happily took care of. However, to look from the territories of bases and enterprises or bypasses to the huge port cranes of London, to St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna or to the museum with airliners near Prague, we will simply be bound by their unique beauty.

High detail of the world awakens the players the spirit of a traveler and tourist. If any of you have been to Europe, then you will surely recognize familiar places in Euro Truck Simulator 2 . Finally SCS Softwareturned her attention to the game landscapes - before they caused melancholy. Now, under the changing pictures outside the window and realistic weather effects, we turn on the virtual car radio with the ability to add Internet radio stations, find the desired route in the 3D navigator and set off to surf the European expanses from the UK to Italy or Poland, transporting goods between more than 60 cities. The developers recreated thousands of kilometers of really existing roads in Europe: in Germany you will find high-speed six-lane highways without speedometer restrictions; in Switzerland you will be limited not only by speed, but also by two-lane traffic with heavy traffic; and in the UK, having reached it by train or ferry, you will be forced to get used to left-hand traffic and the imperial measurement system. Everything is as in life -"Truckers 2" is not even dreamed of.

Further relaxation on virtual roads also contributes to their smart traffic. For example, when you leave the secondary road to the main one, in Euro Truck Simulator 2 you can be missed by blinking the high beam. Blinks headlights AI and at night when overtaking, warning of maneuver. It should be noted that this helps a lot, because the game at night is really dark, as in life. In the mirrors you can’t always see an overtaking ride. “It would be so on Russian roads,” a thought is born in my head, and I recall the last trip to Europe. Similar actions were taken among the local drivers. And while this wonderful example has not reached our vast country, we will enjoy European pedantry at least virtually.

You can talk about local AI with long stories, as if after a real flight. Programmers from SCS Softwaremanaged to create a masterpiece example of how virtual doodles should move on their cars. For example, once I had to get stuck in traffic when leaving the motorway near the Czech town of Brno. It turned out that someone ran into a corner and closed the exit. In any other game of a similar genre, you can’t either turn back or drive forward. As soon as I got ready to press on a sneaker for good luck, when suddenly, magically, everyone begins to go round each other, not hesitating to take back. The cork instantly resolves on its own. Then, after a couple of cars, one driver decides to let me in, blinking the headlights - they say, go, comrade, otherwise you’ve been standing there all day, so long.

in Euro Truck Simulator 2 uses the latest version of the graphics engine Prism3D. He honestly draws lighting and shadows, his physical unit puffs over the features of the suspension of the tractor and trailer, the sound module plays along with the notes of a powerful engine and the puff of air brakes - all this translates into an exquisite picture that fans of the good old "Truckers 2"really missed in due time. There is an adjustment of the mirrors, all the sensors work, the cab sways in the corners and the trailer jumps on bad roads. There is only one thing missing in such an idyll - the goal. The developers have provided the opportunity to create their own freight company from scratch - for it you need to open representative offices in different cities, hiring more and more drivers and acquiring more and more cars. With the growth of the company, we are allowed to increase the capacity of garages, while observing the external changes of our headquarters - it grows with the wealth of your empire.



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