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How to install a wash basin
In the installation of the washbasin you need to follow certain instructions:

- Washbasin fixing
Using a spirit level, draw a mounting line (the height of the upper edge above the floor is about 760 mm), mark the holes for the dowels in the sink.

- Hanging the sink
Hang the pre-mounted washbasin on the screws, put on plastic washers, U-shaped washers and nuts. Tighten the nuts alternately, avoiding one-sided tension.

- Installation of the mixer and valve weir
Put the mixer with the put-on gasket through the hole in the washbasin. Bring the second gasket through the screw fitting of the mixer to the bottom of the sink, firmly tighten the nut on the gasket until the mixer stops turning to the side. After the protective cap is removed over the O-rings, the composite lubricant for hot water will be evenly distributed over the gaskets, put on a rotary weir. Swivel the cup of the swivel weir and insert it into the drain hole. To put the rubber forming ring from below on a cup carving. Screw the bottom of the valve and tighten so that the putty sticks out.

- Compaction
Fill the gap between the sink and the wall with a special material for sealing joints.

- Mounting angle valve
When working with an angle valve, first unscrew the main water tap! Screw the connecting tube firmly to the angle valve using clamping threads. Pay attention that the connecting tubes bend in such a way that both ends are accurately inserted directly into the clamping thread. This is the only way to ensure uniform pressure on the rubber rings of the screw terminals and to avoid water leakage.

- Installation of siphon
In the siphon there is always a column of water 50 mm high, blocking the path of sewage gases. When buying a siphon is important installation size. When installing in a flare nut, install a gasket and tighten this nut on the weir valve. Height adjustment possible on the immersion pipe. Before operation, it is advisable to unscrew the jet regulator at the mixer outlet and start up water in order to drive away all foreign inclusions in the system formed during installation.

- Cleaning
If your sink is clogged and does not work, you will find the appropriate tools in the economic departments of the stores. With minor contaminants, traditional pipe cleaners usually help. With severe blockages helps rubber plunger. In special cases, you have to use a helix (cable). personal loans for bad credit



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