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Type: Rider: Overview Friv Game

Only two unpleasant circumstances can darken the acquaintance with this wonderful-informative game: complete ignorance of the English language and indifference to typography. If you pass this “entrance test”, you can get a real aesthetic pleasure from Type: Rider , supplemented by reference calculations for a very atmospheric soundtrack. For us, the most difficult thing now is to explain what the essence of this game is and how to behave with it correctly. All you need is just to find a good gaming web site Also, one good thing about online games is that you can play more and more at a time.

A lot of parallels for some reason I want to spend with the recent BADLAND , the material about which can be found somewhere nearby. The black something (now there are two of them) also moves from left to right, and we help him in this with continuous “tapas” on the screen. But this is only a conditional similarity. Before Type: Rider are completely different tasks.

Never familiarity with typography, with fonts formed at different times, with great enlighteners did not take place in a format “runner” very familiar to owners of mobile phones with puzzle elements. Two black bullet points peacefully roll, gathering letters on their way, stumble upon background calculations about a particular scientific figure, enter into a fleeting alliance with a white dot and, however strange it may sound, are engaged in our enlightenment.

In time you need to understand one simple pattern - the further you advance in the study of typography, the more difficult the journey will become. More obstacles, more workarounds, more tasks using elementary physics. At the very beginning, the barriers as such will not happen at all. The spheres peacefully roll to the final mark, guided by the player's confident hand. Later there will be water, boiling lava, huge wheels and much more.

Reference calculations here are simply magical. They are displayed in beautifully animated books that are aesthetically pleasing to explore. But we have already indicated that without confident knowledge of the English language, you will have difficulty. Type: RiderIn this case, it will seem dull pokatushkami two black dots. But with listening to the background music problems no one will arise. The game urges communication with you only with headphones. It is necessary only once to do it - and you no longer want to remove them. Nice sounds, somewhere alarming, but somewhere on the contrary - soothing. For each important stage of typography development, there is presented its own audiophone, beautiful in its own way.

It's very nice that Type: Rider is a simple thing. You yourself will not have time to come to your senses how you will pass the final chapters. All tutorials would be so exciting and atmospheric.

Runner, a puzzle tied to physics, an educational program - this game has many interesting qualities and titles. It is interesting to contemplate, listen and feel. A unique concept, for exploring which it would be nice to know English. One of the most interesting projects of the past year, what else to add.

Pros: a unique concept; magic audio player; educational orientation, which is not annoying, but is the main "chip".
Disadvantages: those who skipped English lessons or taught German instead of him will have a hard time.



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