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Engineering in the United States. Part one
The process of upgrading the equipment of industrial enterprises, the construction of factories of new profiles and utilities of fast-growing cities determine the high rates of development of most of the engineering departments. The scientific and technological revolution brought to life new branches of mechanical engineering, but at the same time eliminated some of the old ones (for example, steam locomotive engineering). All this entailed noticeable changes in the structure of this industry. Thus, the electrical industry has more than doubled in terms of production compared with the pre-war period, transport engineering has increased by one and a half, and general engineering has increased by only 10%. Machine building, transport, electrical, agricultural and military engineering have a leading importance in American engineering. The machine tool industry, greatly updated in terms of the composition of its products, produces many types of machine tools, equipment with software devices and machines with automatic tool change. Machine tool enterprises are concentrated in the North, within two industrial areas — on the Atlantic coast, in the Connecticut River Valley (in Boston, Providence, Hartford and many small satellite cities) and in the near-lake states (in the cities of Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, Cincinnati and others). Transport engineering is very diverse in the composition of its units. It has well-developed and old industries - railway engineering, shipbuilding, and the younger automotive industry, and the latest aviation and rocket industry. Automotive can be called the national industry of the United States. Every seventh working American is engaged in the production or maintenance of cars. Annual output exceeds 10 million cars, of which more than 8 million cars. The total fleet includes more than 110 million cars.

The automotive industry consumes 1/5 of steel produced in the country, a large amount of leather, rubber, various plastics and plastic products, a lot of lead, nickel and other materials, supporting the growth of various industries with their orders. It is characterized by a very high degree of concentration and monopolization, its enterprises were first introduced, and now the production method of production and the conveyor system have become firmly established. Friv games play online at this website http://www.friv4online.com Play today at the best friv games.



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