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Republique: Overview Friv Game

When considering mobile games, we are accustomed to make a discount due to the features of the platform. Because the management is special, and the gameplay is not deep enough, and the dialogues are monosyllabic. This state of affairs suited many people. How can you engage in the promotion of projects with a complex formulation and involvement of professionals, if the majority of players like to throw only birds and cut the strings with candy? The publisher won't give you that much money. But the "donators" on Kickstarter may well be. Only due to their generosity we today have the opportunity to get acquainted with Republique. This is almost the first "big" game for mobile phones, for which you do not need to make discounts in connection with the platform. Play the best web site site friv games at friv5online.com The most popular collection of friv games are presented on this mega portal.

Money was collected not only because this is such a wonderful game without compromise. A lot of novice developers fail in crowdfunding because of their banal obscurity to the masses. And for Republique are not the last people in the industry. What is worth only the participation of David Hayter (David Hayter), who spoke for Snake in Metal Gear Solid. Or here's Jennifer Hale (Jennifer Hale) - voiced many female characters in games. Developers who had a hand in FEAR also found themselves in business. The team came out notable, but the corresponding demand from it.

We are dealing with the story of a girl named Hope (that is, Hope - so we will call her later in the text). The poor thing was not lucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Yes, and she read is not what you need. Because the scene of action - Metamorphosis - a state with a pronounced totalitarian system. Absolute control of actions, thoughts and desires of residents. Total surveillance through camcorders with microphones. Our heroine was caught in the "use" of unnecessary manifestos, for which he was sentenced to a special and, we suppose, painful memory cleaning procedure.

All hope for some mysterious hacker who looks after Hope through video cameras. We are destined to try on this role. We will monitor the poor girl through numerous surveillance cameras, smartphones cameras and terminals. In the case of the latter, everything is played very atmospheric - as if random NPCs take exactly the gamer's device, without noticing the included recording of the video stream. Republique is very much and skillfully enough plays with the theme of "as if random" use of pocket devices. You will understand this from the initial credits.

We, in the role of a good-natured hacker, will have to help Hope to escape away from a hated place. Watch through video cameras, scout the area, indicate the route to follow. Even to hide the girl on carefully arranged lockers. With a gun fugitive is clearly at odds. Its main tools for influencing the enemy - balonchik with "pepper vodka" and a shocker. Both options only briefly deduce the enemy. Therefore, in order to successfully follow the cherished goal, you need to constantly seek shelter, move silently and close unsuspecting guards in the premises.

Stealth in Republiqueit works great Hide and seek games are diluted by the search for collectible video games (that is), by reading reference materials and searching for items. The first episode passes very quickly - the game is divided into parts, which you can buy immediately. I want to believe that the continuation will not take long to wait.

Republique is a cinematic, thoughtful, well-written and addictive game. Big project without any compromises. And from now on - a very strong marketing tool for Kickstarter.

Pros: staging, plot, dialogue, stealth - for a mobile game, everything is done at the highest level.
Cons: transience and breakdown into episodes.



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