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Jelly Defense review for Android
Jelly Defense is a relatively new game for the platform of Android in the genre of Tower Defense, which certainly will appeal to all fans of such games. Jelly Defense has gained immense popularity due to its beautiful graphics and excellent design in terms of sound. The plot is quite simple: there was a planet that was inhabited by some creatures that look a bit like jelly.

 But, as usual, they did not give peace to the lovely creatures: the invasion of alien invaders began, who flew not on anything, but on spaceships from halva with a taste of kiwi. Invaders need green crystals that are of great value for the local flora and fauna. The application has already managed to win the hearts of millions of Android users around the world due to its remarkable humor and unlimited charm. Descriptions of enemies and towers are just a mini-masterpiece, perfectly lining up in a single picture. As for the complexity of the gameplay, here the developers have to pay tribute: the game is quite realistic, but not too easy. As with all toys of this genre, here you will need to protect a specific area from the invading enemies by building towers. The goal of each level is to find the perfect combination of towers that will not allow the invaders to pick up green crystals. By the way, every time you kill a monster, you are entitled to a coin reward for its death. This forces you to pay even more attention, because coins can disappear over time, and also, for example, drown in a waterfall, which you definitely do not want. In order to make the program more diverse, the developers added special bonuses there that in every possible way help in passing the level. They appear when killing monsters instead of coins. Such bonuses can do several basic things, depending on the type of bonus: slow down the movement of enemies, cause rain of coins, improve all towers by one level, cause a thunderstorm and whirlwind, which are able to demolish the nth part of enemies, cause an earthquake, which causes a little damage to all enemies you have at the moment, rain from meteorites, which is capable of causing significant damage to a certain area, as well as a monster that eats everything that just gets in its way. Do you want a really high-quality game? Strongly recommend you Jelly Defense. best online slots canada



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