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Need for Speed ​​Rivals: Overview Friv Game

Remember the famous phrase about the fact that everyone plays football, and only the Germans win? Paraphrasing it, we can say that the Need for Speed series in recent years has played with almost all the ideas and concepts, but the good old chases with the police still win. Need for Speed: Rivals is another return to the key format for the series, where the ideas of the latest Hot Pursuit and Most Wanted are cemented by the graphics of the new generation and revolutionary online features. It is a pity only, it did not work out as ideal. And here they gave such types of games as applications and online friv friv1000games.org games, that are played on the devices and gadgets, such as laptops, mobile phones, and other ones. Many of these games can be found on various websites, and some of them are free.

Rivals , as it should be, is built around a confrontation between policemen and reckless racers. The first catch up, the second run away. Everyone has their own tasks, special abilities and cars (the police in the service, for example, have the Marussia and the Bentley Continental GT, and the street racers have the Audi R8 and Dodge Challenger). All cars are equipped with futuristic gadgets that help survive the chase. Racers can drop mines under the wheels of their pursuers, use EMP and additional turbocharging, while the cops have access to a shock wave, air support, the ability to scatter spikes on the highway or even block the road.

Both those and others receive special local currency for their success - SpeedPoints, for which new “cars” are bought and old ones are improved. True, tuning the police is not available. The riders here also have a small choice, but this is at least something: they can use different engine modifications, put new discs and unique license plates, change the color and vinyl stickers.

However, the player is free at any time to change sides and start a career, for example, for the police, and then with a flick of the hand back to the life of an auto-bully. There are no restrictions on how to go Rivals. The action takes place in the open world of the fictional American District Redview, where you can just travel, joining some competitions and randomly choosing any available tasks. In addition to “saloks” with the police (or, on the contrary, hunting for violators of traffic rules), there are regular races and time trips. This is not to mention the constantly emerging tests such as “smash 5 cop machines,” “achieve such and such speed,” and so on. And for everything: for every sneeze, drift or flight from a springboard - additional SpeedPoints are added.

All this is well known to us from the past. In the Rivalsfamiliar mechanics complements the revolutionary in its essence AllDrive system, which can be called the evolution of the already well-known Autolog. This is such a voluntary-forced multiplayer: having connected AllDrive, every time you will automatically get to the server, where up to 6 players are at the same time. They can independently race with AI, travel around the open world, survey the surroundings, compete as riders and cops. But a situation may happen when you are running away from the police at full speed, and then a passing by player joins in the pursuit. Or, on the contrary, trying to prevent the ministers of the law. All this is likely to result in a wild mess with the participation of players on both sides of the barricades.

And users of the Overwatch application also interfere in all of this: they help or, on the contrary, interfere with other players, disabling electronics on cars, activating roadblocks or repairing cars. All this, of course, opens the second bottom of the usual gameplay - the sensations are completely different, adrenaline rolls over. Not to mention the fact that chasing with living people is more difficult (but also more interesting) than with bots. However, the AI ​​developers also noticeably pulled up: very often the silicon rivals behave quite like the real ones: they make mistakes, go to the ram, cut off the path and so on.

Another achievement of Rivals is, of course, the transition to the Frostbite 3 engine ( Battlefield 4 works on it).). The picture in the game really looks impressive. Cars are traced to the smallest droplets on the hood, some leaves are constantly fluttering in the air, garbage flies out from under the tires, and in this evening a practically real storm with thunder and lightning can rage in the evening sky.

But most importantly, the open world of Redview County has been incredibly worked out. Some dark forests here are replaced by resort landscapes, and city streets - spacious highways, fancy bridges or industrial zones. At the same time, various routes are simply teeming with various congresses, branches and jumps - it's easy to get lost here!

As you know, for all the good you need to pay. So in the Rivalsyou have to sacrifice something for the revolutionary multiplayer, and for no less revolutionary engine. Due to the fact that the game is constantly online, you can pause it only in the garage. That is, if you, suppose, were called, and at this moment you are away from the cops for the tenth minute, you will have to solve a difficult dilemma, which is more important: pick up the phone and fly into the curb or get to the garage.

In addition, due to the same online and multi-resource graphics, the game imposed a 30 fps limit. And this is still serious for such a fast car park: it’s not possible to fully feel the frantic speed.

Finally, not everyone can like another restriction imposed solely on those who play for the riders - being caught, they lose all their current money. Only the part that the street racers managed to keep in the same garage remains intact. If we consider that the police in Redview are constantly getting involved in the chase, even if you did not break anything, you have to dangle from the city to the shelter and back all the time. At first, this adds an extra adrenaline to the game, but when this happens every five minutes, what is happening is frankly annoying.

Not all Rivals will like it. Especially if your game system is not powerful enough, the Internet is not fast enough, or you don’t carry multiplayer at all. But all this does not negate the fact that the authors were able to bring the familiar mechanics to a new level. Nextgen technology, total online, open world and maximally lightweight tuning that doesn’t distract from constant chasing - apparently, this is precisely where the future of Need for Speed ​​is arcade . Although some artificial restrictions still would not hurt to remove.

Pros: beautiful graphics; most interesting trails; elegant licensed fleet; unique online mode; huge open world.
Minuses: weak tuning; abundance of various restrictions that prevent you from getting the full enjoyment of the game.



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