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Movie Description # 028
Mermaid House

The film “House for Mermaids” is a story about a new key in the life of the main character. At fifty-five, a man cannot boast of happiness and satisfaction in life. He came to his beloved Kazakhstan and was a little surprised, the world does not stand still, everything changes and moves. It seems to him that he overlooked somewhere, overlooked somewhere, and somewhere he missed a chance. It was necessary to be risky, seeks to win, and he smoothly drifted with the flow. Suddenly, he was informed of the news, which just struck the victims. It turns out his only and beloved daughter died. A man suddenly lost the meaning of life, why do something further, to strive for something, there is no need for anything else. Perhaps even a second and he would have committed a sin, killed himself, if not for an acquaintance with a freedom-loving, powerful and very emotional girl. From this point on, they begin a novel, which literally excites a man. He understands that any whim, any request will be fulfilled, how lucky he is, that there is such a sensitive and sympathetic person nearby. One day the heroine comes to a new acquaintance asking for help. This is an adventurous adventure that does not promise anything advantageous, but for the sake of the beloved, which, like two drops of water, looks like a daughter, he is ready to draw.

Mr. Nobody

Imagine that you were transported to a distant future, the entire population of the Earth has long been able to cope with all diseases and become immortal. They do not know what death is and moreover they have never been to death. It is in such a futuristic world that an old man named Nemo Nobody enters, waking up in the morning in his bed. But the trouble is that he is not immortal, on the contrary, he is the last mortal on the entire planet. Such a sensation could not be left without attention and did not give publicity to the journalists of many popular TV companies. Thanks to his distinction, Nemo becomes a TV show star just a few days from his own death. The journalist interviews the old man, and the people of the world of the future experience the whole life of the last mortal man and escort him to the other world. The old man begins his story from childhood, where he faces the first choice - which of the parents to stay with after their divorce. From this moment begins the story of full responsibility for every choice made, after which certain events follow. During the story, he dies several times and comes to life again. TV viewers will learn many different stories from the life of a mortal, travel with him through the nooks of his mind, but how does this rating show end for Mr. Nobody himself? CVV Shop Forum



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