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Walkthrough Dark Souls 3 - Story quests # 037
For victory in battle, you will receive many souls, as well as a thank you gesture and valuable items - a huge steam sword, a large iron shield of black iron and the ring of the killer of the Knight. If you want, you can also collect items in the lava pool - you will find Embers (on the right) and Holy Flame (on the left). Remember to move fast and replenish your health with Estus.

High staircase

Having passed through the room with Tsogir and lava, return to the top of the stairs and go to the stairs to the left (9 on the map). Thus, you will reach the location with the bridge and the knight, which you need to decide - pull it down or try to maneuver on the bridge so that it falls into the lava below. At the other end of the bridge on the right, you will find the body with the soul of a depressed knight. Raising it, use the high ladder (10 on the map).

When you reach the stone ledge, you will find a second staircase along which you begin to climb. On the way to the right, you will see a shelf with a body and an object. Climb to the top and jump on it to get the Bow of the Dragon Rider. Use the stairs again to get to the top. This publication provides tips and tricks for Chapter 8: Renault Boss. This is about the boss fight.

You can get to the ballista using the path on the left.

After reaching the top, move on. After a few steps, you will reach open space and the path leading to the ballista (D on the map). To get to it, use the narrow path below). Before you enter the path, you can turn around - at the foot of the hill you will find a body with two bones leading to the house.

Continue along the path, reflecting the attack of three skeletons with wheels that will attack you on the right. Going further, you will encounter two more skeletons, followed by two dangerous, bones of the enemy. Fight them one at a time, because they are fast, and at a distance they can also throw you at the blades. Next to their bodies you will find two fragments of titanite and one tablet of a yellow worm.

To turn off the ballista, move the mechanism under it

Continue down the path until you reach the ballista. She can no longer threaten you in this place. Go under it and move the lever, thanks to which you turn it off and you can safely walk along the main part of the lake. To the left of the ballista you will find several rocky ledges (11 on the map), after which you can safely go down - remember the big crabs on the right ..... The best web models want to talk to you right now. See the best selections free webcam porn online girls from all over the world undress in front of Webcams and arrange real porn. A lot of sensual Amateur porn is filmed on a webcam. Pretty beauty loved to masturbate in front of the pupil of the camera, and enjoy fucking with men, knowing that then it will be possible to look.



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