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Travel to Egypt
We start a trip to Egypt, where we get to the resort of El Gouna, Egypt is a rather popular place of resorts for the residents of our country and not only, people come here from different countries of the world to look at the beauties of this country, and which resort it depends on each person separately, from his needs. You never asked yourself why Egyptian resorts are so popular in the world, the thing is that prices here are much lower than in other countries, therefore Egypt has gained such popularity among tourists around the world, if not everyone can afford to go to Egypt, then enough people belonging to the middle strata of society. What is remarkable about the resort of El-Gouna, what you can see and what to do here, let's analyze this moment and determine for whom the most suitable vacation at this resort.

This resort was built relatively recently and its creator is a very rich person who, traveling around Venice, was just delighted with this Italian city, which is on the water, in general, this person really liked it and he decided to do something like that in his own area, he wanted to make a place very similar to Venice, and he succeeded, from the many sands, to turn the place into a real Egyptian resort, which gained great popularity.

 This place is very romantic and people come here to have a good time, go boating, in about the same style as they swim in Venice.

What places to visit in El Gouna

1. Historical Museum in El Gouna. You can visit the museum and learn a lot about the history of Egypt, plunge into the culture of this country, if you want to learn more about the culture, ask, the local museum staff will tell you everything, I think this is quite an interesting pastime, since you can learn a lot of interesting things from the history of this country and enrich your knowledge with the history of Egypt.

2. The ruins of the city of Luxor you can also visit this place, it is also a rather interesting attraction, look at how the city was in antiquity, and now only ruins remain from it, such trips will be very informative and interesting, and after you visited educational places, you can go to the beach and swim, because you came for that, to swim at the sea, forgot to say that El Gouna is located on the coast of the Red Sea.

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