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Tips for passing Dying Light - Parkour # 2
Note. Each action in the parkour category gains agility points. More information about each attribute and its associated skills can be found in the “Character Development” chapter.

Always check potential landing sites.

Parkour provides an excellent opportunity to effectively move around the city, performing many risky actions, but you must remember that the main character is only a person. Avoid falling from tall buildings, as this can take you a lot of health or even kill you right away.

First of all, try not to jump on objects that are very far away, as in the end you can not catch the edge and not fall. If you can, always check the area around you to calculate each jump well. You can also absorb energy when landing on car roofs, bags, garbage containers or directly on infected ones (with the help of additional skills you can also eliminate them this way). It is good if your hp is above 50%, so that a small error does not mean that your character was killed.

At startup, you can look back.

Most of the time you will not need to rush, and you will be able to accurately perform all your parkour actions. However, you may find yourself in a situation where you will need to run faster, for example, during a mission in which you must reach a certain point on the map, or during an additional parkour task. In such situations, try to stay in motion all the time and plan your actions ahead. Also try to avoid climbing high objects, which is pretty slow. Instead, focus on jumping and running (also use narrow objects such as boards or walls).

Running around the city also looks different when you are haunted by fast types of zombies. Running infected can attack you during the day, and fast mutants at night. If you do not plan to fight this enemy, the only way to escape is to use parkour. When running away, try to make it more difficult for monsters to reach you by performing long jumps and staying on the roofs. The ability to look back while running is a useful thing in the game. Associated with markers on your minimap, it will let you always know how far your enemies are and whether you are close to losing them.

The grab hook helps you travel faster

After you have sufficiently developed your character, you will get the opportunity to get a Grappling Hook from the Survivor skill tree. This gadget must be activated manually each time, and it takes a few seconds to restore it. Despite these limitations, you should be interested in hooking because it allows you to quickly reach ledges (including more difficult to reach ones) or to avoid elite variations of the infected ones. The hook does not wear out, unlike standard weapons. If for any reason you lose it (for example, throw it out of inventory), you can get a new one from any quartermaster. https://australiacasinoonline.com/5-dollars-minimum-deposit-casinos-australia/



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