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The best Indian Skrill casinos in test 2020

Skrill is an innovative and versatile e-wallet that has a lot in common with the more popular PayPal system.

Skrill payments work in real time, are extremely secure, and managing credit is made easy with Skrill online.

No wonder that Skrill is becoming increasingly popular as a payment method in online casinos. Today there are hardly any companies that do not offer the option. The service has since been expanded to include Skrill 1-Tap. This means that mobile transactions also work in seconds - and with almost no risk!

The company writes:

“With Skrill, online payments are easy, secure and fast, and have been since 2001. We are one of the world's leading companies that develop solutions for international payment transactions for business and private purposes, be it for deposits on gaming websites or online -Shopping or sending money to friends and family.

We meet the needs of companies around the world and support them in expanding their international customer base and strengthening their growth. Skrill is an all-round international company.

More than 500 employees from over 30 nations work in our London headquarters and in our European branches. ”

The mere fact that Skrill has been successfully on the market for over 15 years speaks for its seriousness. We'll take a closer look at the key facts about Skrill casinos.

What are the disadvantages with Skrill casinos?

As already mentioned, there are many reasons to choose Skrill as a payment method in online casinos. However, we don't want to ignore the disadvantages either. One aspect is the low flexibility. If you would like to have your money in cash, you have to transfer it to the credit card or current account you have given. This not only costs time, there are also fees. The alternative is offered with the Skrill MasterCard in prepaid format. This saves you several days, but you have to include annual fees for the card. The cost factor is limited - you have to say that clearly.

Basically, there are more advantages than disadvantages that can of course influence the decision to choose Skrill as a payment method in online casinos. Nevertheless, you have to be aware of the facts - even those that are not so pleasant. You will definitely find the proverbial catch in almost all payment methods that are offered in online casinos. Most of them are fees that you have to keep in mind. However, these should be worth your while to enjoy maximum security. The protection of large sums is guaranteed by Skrill in the best possible way. As long as you keep your private login data to yourself, misuse of your Skrill account is excluded.

Tips & tricks for payment with Skrill

The company points out that there can always be problems with so-called phishing mails. Fraudsters pretend to be Skrill employees and either ask for the data or a transaction is requested. Skrill guarantees never to ask for personal information yourself - especially not for your passwords. Therefore, you should definitely keep this to yourself. Even disclosure to friends and relatives can result in abuse. Only someone has to accidentally call themselves the password, and your money is no longer protected.

Do yourself a favor and choose a password for Skrill that is not too obvious. Neither birth dates of family members nor one's own name are certain. Hackers know the tricks and know exactly how to crack such passwords. You can also change the Skrill password regularly. Never write it down anywhere - especially not on the optionally available Skrill Prepaid MasterCard!

That would take us to the next Skrill tip. If you also want to remain flexible locally, then it's best to apply for a Skrill MasterCard directly after verification. There are thousands of acceptance points in India where you can make payments with the card just as securely and conveniently as with a real credit card. Although the fees are payable, they are kept within a really manageable range. All other fees can be found on the Skrill website, where you can also find many useful tips on using the online wallet.



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