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Massage tables
No modern medical center, sanatorium, massage room or beauty salon can do without a stationary massage table. This equipment allows you to express how much you value your customers, you want to give them health and beauty, so it is so important to choose a reliable and high-quality table model when buying.

The NAME online store is pleased to present the most requested quality and reliable stationary massage tables in operation. On them you can not only perform massage, but other types of procedures: acupuncture, cosmetology or reflexology sessions. The high strength of the constructive solution of the table will ensure its long-term use in centers where there are a large number of customers, where it is important to have wear-resistant equipment that can not loosen, creak or fail prematurely under heavy loads. Therefore, everyone can purchase a quality stationary massage table from us at a reasonable price for you.

Before you purchase a stationary model of a massage table, you should pay attention to its configuration and technical specifications. Among the presented models you will find both budget options, single-section massage tables, and more comfortable models with several sections. The more sections in the table, the more convenient it will be for the client to sit, the conditions for optimal body position are created. A small cutout for the face, the ability to adjust the armrests or headrest, also affects a more comfortable procedure for your patient. The presence of an additional shelf, as in the Vision Essence Deluxe model, will allow the specialist to place in the immediate vicinity the necessary accessories for work (cosmetic products, oils, towels, etc.).

The constantly replenishing assortment of our store will allow you to fully experience how far manufacturing companies have stepped far in their development of massage equipment. So, it became possible to choose a stationary massage table for massage at a bargain price, excellent design, a large number of functions, upholstery color, size and functional features.

By purchasing a stationary massage table in our store, you will not only save on a favorable price offer and current discounts, but you can also supplement them with any modern medical office. kharkov.natashaescort.com



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