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With today’s growing population of returning veterans, it is our mission as an organization to provide the best possible resources and representation for our nation’s heroes. H.E.L.O. Foundation, which stands for Heroes Entering Life’s Opportunities, is a veteran owned, veteran operated non-profit that actively promotes the well-being of its country’s young men and women. H.E.L.O.’s main purpose is to establish a scholarship fund to allow veterans to transition from their military careers into college life without any financial burden. This will enable heroes to have a 4-year transition period back into society. We do this by successfully organizing and hosting Freedom Festmilitary appreciation events that will kick-start, support, and create veteran resource centers (VRC) throughout the United States. These VRC’s are located within college campuses and serve the local communities by bridging the gap between our military service members, veterans, students, and the local economy. VRC’s are non-profit organizations occupied by the student veteran population to assist our returning veterans as they transition from active duty to civilian college life. 

With over one million returning veterans by the year 2015, it is paramount that an ample amount of resources are devoted and easily accessible to veterans and their families. Local colleges and universities will operate as central hubs for military personnel transitioning to new careers and lives post their military duties. These young men and women are experienced in a variety of protocols; therefore these VRCs will contribute by helping them harness these skills into the civilian population. 

H.E.L.O. takes great pride in creating opportunities for our nation’s heroes by generating a social network of professionals that assists in the connectivity of employers, educational and medical institutions, entrepreneurial ventures, and veterans. Our company brings the community together through military appreciation events where all parties involved have similar missions and values: support the ones who fought for this nation’s freedoms.

Our Goal

Although we have already taken great strides, we need to raise $10,000 to enable our mission to continue. We are in dire need to pay for essential components that will ensure our mission is successful. Please help us in any way that you can. 


Heroes Entering Life's Opportunities helps orchestrate massive military appreciation weekends called, Freedom Fest with the efforts to raise funds for our veterans' scholarships. Freedom Fest events are held at college campuses around the U.S. in support of its student veteran population and all who have honorably served our country. Some of the features of our events include:

                                                 1. Military-style challenge course/ Family Fun Zone (Lazer Tag, Bounce House Slides)

          2. Military show-n-tell (military vehicles, police, and fire)

                 3. Exotic car show/ Motorcycles

                 4. Well-known musical performers


HELO presents a memorable event with great music, great food, all in support of the greater good... Our Nation's Heroes!


Check out our webpage at, https://www.helofoundation.org/portal/


Follow our story on Facebook and Twitter at: 



Help us spread the word with Twitter at...

@Helo_Enterprise & @NSU_StudentVets

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$0 - We can't thank you enough...: It is because of people like you that we are able to continuously serve those who served! We are eternally thankful!

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